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To those of you that were asking for the return of RM in Archeage for a long time, well here's the time. We have begun to return to Aranzeb slowly and are looking to get everyone we can back together again, So follow the heart...let's make this a great return and see you there! ?

Para esos de ustedes que estubieron preguntando por mucho tiempo por el regreso de RM a Archeage, pues aqui esta el momento. Hemos comenzado a regresar poco a poco y estamos buscando a juntar a todo el mundo nuevamente, Asi que sigan el Corazon...hagamos esto un gran regreso nuevamente y los vere alli! ?



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Yes. Very.


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Server: Mount Tyrannas

Download Tera, it's Free! - Bajar Tera, es Gratis!

NOTE: We are Active!


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Server: Tarnished Coast - Costa de Bronze

NOTE: We are Active!


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Welcome to RM! - Bienvenidos a RM!

Guild Events / Eventos de Guild:

Friday - Viernes: Vale Raid. need 10 members with certain specs. / Necesitamos 10 miembros con ciertos skills en su build.

Saturday - Sabado: WvW night, Mass PvP, Tarnished Coast is our Server. / Noche de Mundo contra Mundo, PvP Massivo. Recuerden Costa de Bronze es nuestro Server

Sunday - Domingo: Guild Quest for Guild Commendations and Favor. / Quests de Guild para comendaciones y Favor.

Monday - Lunes: Raid Night: Vale 10 Man etc.. / Noche de Raid, Vale de 10 personas etc..

Teamspeak Info: ts3.retardmafia.co pass / contrasena: 2702

Website: www.retardmafia.com


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16 years, that's how long I have had the pleasure of leading this guild. In that time, I have met so many of you who continue to follow me to this day. Many of you grew up as part of RM, joined at a young age and are now going off to be married and having kids. Some of you joined us at a later age and spent your best years with us and in some cases spent the last years of your lives having fun with us. I am writing this to wish you all a happy new year and to thank you for being part our community. Even more than that, thanks for being part of our family. I wish all your dreams come true in the new year and I hope to get to spend many more years with all of you.

Remember it is not all about playing the same game, but keeping in touch and cherishing those friends we made. Friends and community that many envy us for. That being Said..

Happy New Years Everyone!

16 años. ese es el tiempo que eh tenido el placer de ser lider de esta guild. En ese tiempo, eh conocodio tantos de ustedes que hasta el dia de hoy continuan conmigo en diferentes juegos. Mchos de ustedes crecieron siendo parte de de RM desde una edad joven y ahora estan casandose y teniendo sus propios hijos, Otros se unieron es su edad mas avanzada y pasaron hasta en algunos casos sus ultimos dias en este mundo disfrutando con nosotros. Estoy escribiendo esto para desearles a todos un feliz año nuevo y darle gracias por ser parte de nuestra comuniad. Mas que eso, gracias po ser parte e nuestra familia. Les deseo a todos que sus sueños se hagan realidad en el nuevo año y deseo pasr muchos años mas jugando juntos con ustedes.

Recuerden no es sobre jugar el mismo juego, pero mantenerse en contacto y recordar esas amistades que se hacen. Amigos y una comunidad que muchos nos envidian por tener. Con eso dico...

Feliz Año Nuevo a Todos!


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As it was discusses 2 weeks ago and at the meeting we had schedule for after the siege Sunday. RM in Archeage will become more Casual. We will step back, do what we enjoy, stop pushing so much at events such as Halcy, Mist etc.. as people are getting burned out. We need time to regroup and reassess. As it was also discussed the guild will also start up in Guild Wars 2, we wanted a casual, no p2w game with very good equalized arenas we could play on the side and this is it. So that being said, we are on the "Tarnished Coast" server. Make sure you pick the right server when you make your character. Old members who quit after Tera and sometime after starting Archeage are welcome to join us! The game is Free unless at some point you decide to add the expansion. Link is below.

Como se discutio hace 2 semanas y se reitero en la reunion luego del acedio el domingo, RM en Archeage se convertira en una guild mas casual. Nos echaremos un poco para atras y pararemos de empujar tanto eventos como halcyona, mistmarrow etc.. ya que mucha gente se estaba quemando del juego. Como tambien fue discutido la guild comienzara en Guild Wars 2, queriamos un juego mas casual, que no es pay to win con arenas buenas e interesantes y equalizadas que podriamos jugar del lado y este es. Con eso dicho, estamos en el servidos "Tarnished Coast" (Costa Bronze). Asegurense de escojer el servidor correcto cuando creen sus personajes y Miembros antiguos que dejaron de jugar luego de Tera o poco despues de Archeage estan invitados a jugar con nosotros! El juego es gratis y no tienen que comprar nada al menos que quieran el contenido de la expansion. El Link abajo.



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Tombs wrote:

Being the first Western guild to take a castle from Forest Crow represents one of the greatest accomplishments to date on Aranzeb. It took two tries but you did it and you should be proud of being the only guild with the cajones to stab the dragon in its lair.

So dont let the trash talk and bullshit from elitist pricks who hide behind RMT'd 6k gear scores get you down. They only were willing to siege when it was apparent that FC was gone as a major force. It was your taking of their castle that pushed FC off the server, not anything that Disaster did.

Disaster has no history, no tradition, no website, and no guild loyalty and are simply a collection of assholes, purchased accounts and loot-whores that have formed up within this game. Without a strong enemy, I fully expect there to be an implosion within the next 60-90 days.

Remember, this is a group of guys that hasnt been able to escape their own toxicity (heroes of the west, betrayal of Daechan and the guys that taught them to fight FC, etc.) and have had to restart and try and reinvent themselves many times over... No Mad, WTF, iWTF, Disaster, etc.

So keep up the good fight. Develop your gear and PVP skills while maintaining your integrity, in and out of game. But above all, keep your chin up.

Leader of UDL

Thanks for the time you took to write this Tombs and for the nice message, it is well said. Sadly it is already been posted on the game forums because as you know Disaster spends more time on our forusm and teamspeak that we even do because they have no lives.

But still we appreciate your words and no one will ever change what and who we are. They can do whatever they want and RM will always be RM. Once again thanks and wish you the best.


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Don't forget the Event tomorrow! And Remember to be online for our Castle Defense on Sunday!!


No olviden el evento manana!...
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RM Siege vs Forestcrow 11/22/2015

Aranzeb Siege - Retard Mafia vs. Forestcrow

This is footage from the siege on 11.22.2015 between Retard Mafia and Forestcrow. It was a fun fight and a good learning experience! Retard Mafia -...

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Be Online tomorrow! - Esten conectados manana!

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