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Tombs wrote:

Being the first Western guild to take a castle from Forest Crow represents one of the greatest accomplishments to date on Aranzeb. It took two tries but you did it and you should be proud of being the only guild with the cajones to stab the dragon in its lair.

So dont let the trash talk and bullshit from elitist pricks who hide behind RMT'd 6k gear scores get you down. They only were willing to siege when it was apparent that FC was gone as a major force. It was your taking of their castle that pushed FC off the server, not anything that Disaster did.

Disaster has no history, no tradition, no website, and no guild loyalty and are simply a collection of assholes, purchased accounts and loot-whores that have formed up within this game. Without a strong enemy, I fully expect there to be an implosion within the next 60-90 days.

Remember, this is a group of guys that hasnt been able to escape their own toxicity (heroes of the west, betrayal of Daechan and the guys that taught them to fight FC, etc.) and have had to restart and try and reinvent themselves many times over... No Mad, WTF, iWTF, Disaster, etc.

So keep up the good fight. Develop your gear and PVP skills while maintaining your integrity, in and out of game. But above all, keep your chin up.

Leader of UDL

Thanks so much for your words Tombs, it means a lot for me and for sure for most of our guildies. Take care and be safe always.