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So i have been in RM for about 2-3 months now i believe and i enjoy it here but i was curious about where some of the other members came from so i wanted to make a post where people can get to know each other a little better

IGN: Urasai
Seniority: RM 2-3 months and in archeage about 5 months
Other guilds: Lords of the lost light
mmorpg experience: 15+ years, i have tried every popular game out there for at least a month
Other games i play currently: I would like to play more Swtor with some guildies or endless space
Also known as: tankmlee1990 on steam, and urasai most other places.
fun fact: I am an amateur computer programmer and would be interested in any ideas anybody has for a project.

thanks guys you can use this template, or just freestyle it


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Urasai bad healer/dps