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XeNeX added a video. 5 days ago

RM Siege vs Forestcrow 11/22/2015

Aranzeb Siege - Retard Mafia vs. Forestcrow

This is footage from the siege on 11.22.2015 between Retard Mafia and Forestcrow. It was a fun fight and a good learning experience! Retard Mafia -...

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Plated shared a photo. 6 days ago

Gratz RM - feeling cool

Alessa shared a photo. 6 days ago
Alessa So proud :3 6 days ago
Alessa shared a photo. 6 days ago

Simply beautiful :3

XeNeX shared a photo. 7 days ago

Be Online tomorrow! - Esten conectados manana!

Pienso en paracetamol :v

pls friend me

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Wow You Guys Just Destroy Forestcrow Castle But Its Defeat right....... !!!!

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XeNeX added a video. 1 month ago

Castle Siege on 10/11/15

Archeage Siege - Retard Mafia vs Forestcrow

Siege of October 11, 2015 Retard Mafia's first attempt at attacking Forestcrow's castle in Nuimari. Retard Mafia Music by Adrian...

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Alessa shared a photo. 1 month ago
Alessa shared a photo. 1 month ago

Thumbs up Kinstine :3

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XeNeX shared a photo. 2 months ago

Need Everyone Online! This will be a Great Practice and Try to perhaps win this Castle! - Necesitamso a Todo el Mundo Conectados! Esta es una buena... Show more
My Hero

ArcheAge [NA] - คนไทยต้องเป็นฮีโร่

ครั้งแรกของแพทช์ 2.0 กับยอดนักรบขวัญใจในกิลด์ เซิร์ฟเวอร์ : Aranzeb กิลด์ : Retard Mafia ด้วยแฟนคลับที่ล้นหลาม ทั้งชาวไทยและชาวต่างชาติ...

XeNeX added a new event 2 months ago

Guild Meeting

Talk about Mass PvP Classes, Skills etc.. BE THERE!

  • Thursday, 08 October 2015 08:00 PM
  • Teamspeak