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  • Jonathan Rodriguez created a new topic ' Vacation' in the forum.

    Hello Everyone, I am officially on Vacation and will be going on a Cruise of the Carri bean starting tomorrow, I will not have internet access for those 7 days so the Officers are in Charge. Pay attention to their commands and behave!! I will see you all on the 21st!

    Hola a Todos, estoy oficialmente de vacaciones y estare en un cruzero del Caribe por 7 dias, no tendre accesso a la internet en esos 7 dias asi que los Oficiales estan al mando, Hagan caso a sus ordenes y comportense!! Los vere a todos el 21 cuando este de regreso!

  • Cyrus Leung shared a photo.
    2 weeks ago

  • Nicholas Earp replied to the topic 'Soup & Buff Crafting' in the forum.

    Sign me up for a daily cut of my grain. Willing to contribute around 1000 grain as long as I have the labor to plant that day. Until the mats are no longer needed. Also I can do about any farming so if the mats you are needing change just hit me up.
    I have a thatched 8x8 & 16x16 - plenty of space between the coops.

    Also my next Eco-Friendly stack will go towards guild activities - thanks for all you do to make sure we are successful.

  • Nicholas Earp
    3 weeks ago

    Thanks for the Happy Thanksgiving wishes, great to be here and looking forward to future gaming within a set guild.

  • Jonathan Rodriguez shared a photo.
    4 weeks ago

    Happy Thanksgiving All!


    Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias a Todos! - feeling happy

  • Jonathan Rodriguez added a video.
    1 month ago
    Hasla Donkey Charge!!

    Hasla Donkey Charge!! WwW.retardmafia.CoM -- Watch live at

    - feeling blessed

  • Zatheroth
    1 month ago

    I finally got on the website - feeling happy

  • Jonathan Rodriguez uploaded a video.
    1 month ago
    Hasla Fun Again!

    Hasla Fun Again! -- Watch live at

    Hasla Fun Again!

  • Jonathan Rodriguez created a new topic ' Soup & Buff Crafting' in the forum.

    As discussed on the Guild Meeting, This are the Materials needed to craft Soup for Mana & Buffs to give out on PvP. / Como fue hablado en la Reunion, aqui estan los materiales Necesitados para sopas de Mana y Buffs.

    Food for 100 MP / Para 100 sopas de MP:

    Labor 300, market price 34 gold / Labor 300 precio en el AA: 34 gold

    1800 ground grain.
    200 barley
    100 tomato
    50 pumpkin
    30 rosemary
    10 jujube.

    Food for 100 HP / Para 100 comidas de HP:

    Labor 180, Price on market 10 gold / Labor 180 precio en el mercado 10 gold

    240 ground grain.
    100 barley.
    80 garlic.
    60 yam.
    30 strawberry.
    10 olive

    Food that give Buffs for 30 mins, 3 foods per 15 labor / Comida para buf duracion 30 minutos. salen 3 unidades coste de labor 15

    STR +21 agi +21 spirit +21 int +21

    10 trimmed meat 10 trimmed meat 10 trimmed meat 10 trimmed meat
    7 ground species 7 chopped produce 7 chopped produce 7 Dried flowers
    5 potatoes 5 cucumber 5 onion 5 carrot
    5 pork. 5 mutton 5 Turkey meat 5 meat goat

    We need Volunteers to gather and plant these materials and send to Xenexprime daily. / Necesitamos voluntarios para farmiar de estos materiales y enviarle a Xenexprime a diario.


  • Jonathan Rodriguez created a new topic ' Our Friendly - Ally Guilds' in the forum.

    RM's Friendly - Allied Guiilds

    The Order
    New Order


  • Jonathan Rodriguez created a new topic ' Guild Meeting 11-14-14' in the forum.

    Transcript of Guild Meeting on 11-14-14

  • Jonathan Rodriguez uploaded a video.
    1 month ago
    RM PvP Night @ Hasla

    RM PvP Night @ Hasla WwW.RetardMafia.CoM -- Watch live at

    RM PvP Night @ Hasla

  • Jonathan Rodriguez uploaded a video.
    1 month ago

    Trade Run & Some PvP @ Freedich

  • Jonathan Rodriguez uploaded a new avatar.
  • Jonathan Rodriguez shared a photo.
    2 months ago

  • Jonathan Rodriguez shared a photo.
    2 months ago

    PvP in Hasla Today.

  • Jonathan Rodriguez uploaded a video.
    2 months ago

    The Fleet is Ready...All we need is you!!!!


    La Flota esta Lista...Ahora te necesitamos a ti!!!!

  • Jonathan Rodriguez shared a photo.
    2 months ago

    Boarding and Stealing Packs from an Enemy ship today, Sunk it after we looted that cargo!


    Abordando y robando de un barco enemigo hoy, Lo undimos luego de que le saquemos la carga!

  • Jonathan Rodriguez
    2 months ago

    Halloween Event Info:…

  • Juan Ramon created a new topic ' Calculadora /calculator' in the forum.

    Una calculadora para ver cuanto de provecho sacas en cada tarde run. le puedes poner lo que te cuesta los materiales etc y ver si omprando los materiales cuanto gold ganas en cada trade run.

    A calculator to see how much of each evening availest run. you can put what you cost materials etc and see if omprando materials as gold run win in each trade.
    Uma calculadora para ver quanto de cada execução availest noite. você pode colocar o que custar materiais, etc, e ver se os materiais omprando como vitória prazo de ouro em cada comércio

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