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God_Fagmo replied to the topic 'Should we change to Mage?' in the forum. yesterday

Or you can just pay2win, swiperino wiperino. :DDDDDDDD J.K good post.


Aspirin created a new topic ' Should we change to Mage?' in the forum. yesterday


When we have wars such as Mistmarrow and Halcyona, we are usually fucked by red mages. We've realized necessity to change our class to mage, but we also know that melee and ranged attackers are much funner to play. Eventually, we just join the war without mages and we all are dead in 5 seconds again. I become too tired to say "WHAT THE FUCK??" whenever I get killed by magic skills. So...I figured out a solution to fight against mages with non-mage classes.

Key points

Magical Defense
Charge and Dodge Skills
Counter CC

Magic Defense

To fight against mages, we definitely need magic resistance. We can try to dps mages ignoring their AoE and magic skills with our magic defense. But how do we set up high magic defense?? Should we wear cloth armor? then our dps is going to be lower. Answer is combining obsidian armors which have their own equipt effects so that we can keep our physical damge with high magic defense. I've calculated all combination of armors and got this result.

Core armors are:

Body - Obsidian Jerkins with Magic defense effect
Legs - Obsidian Breeches with M.D. effect

*Leather armor with M.D. equipt effect has more M.D. than cloth armor.

Rest armor parts such as Head, Hands, Feet depends on your preference. You can wear cloth for M.D. and plate for more health. However, cloth doesn't have any good equipt effects for physical damage, and plate gives few more health without M.D.
Therefore I recommend:

Head - Obsidian cap
Feet - Obsidian sabatons with M.D. effect

You can wear whatever you want for hands, Waist, and Wrists. But you gotta know these:

Cloth has Magic defense but no advantages of physical damage
Leather has both kinds of defenses
Plate doesn't have magic defense. It has more Stamina(health) but only 60 health difference per part as long as you don't wear plate Cuirasses.

*You can also wear GHA plate Hands, Waist, and Wrists so that you can get 3 set equipt effect(Increases physical defense +314, Magic defense +226)

**** I strongly recommend you to equipt 'Obsidian Shield' with M.D. effect. Duel wielding is not that good. Even though you equipt 2 swords, only right handed weapon is applied to your dps. left handed weapon gives you only additional effect such as stamina, agility, strenght. Get a shield with M.D.. It will makes you be alive longer and do more dps to mages. You don't have enough Gold to get the shield with M.D.?? Go and get a shield without M.D.. It will makes you survive from melee and ranged attackers.

Charge and Dodge Skills

Mage usually has lots of magic skills with long range. We always need to care of the green circles, it is hard to focus on it in crowded war. But We should avoid this shit not to die on the way to the mage. Thus, you need some skills to charge or dodge.

Following list is about all charge and dodge skills in AA:

Battlerage: Charge, Tiger Strike, Behind Enemy Lines
Auramancy: Teleportation, Mirror Warp
Shadowplay: Overwhelm, Drop Back, Shadow Step

These skills will help you to dodge magic skills and to get closer to them.

Counter CC

We can stop mages from casting or we can be immunized from their CC. Actually it is important to distub casting mages so that they cannot attack us.

Every skills with stunning can stop casting

Silence and Fear:

Defense: Bull Rush, Imprison
Occultism: Stillness
Witchcraft: Purge, Insidious Whisper, Banshee Wail
Archery: Boneyard
Shadowplay: Shadow Smite

*Imprison and Boneyard can block mage's sight, but shold be used carefully not to block greens.

Push or pull casting mage:

Battlerage: Lasso
Defense: Fortress
Occultism: Telekinesis, Mana Force
Witchcraft: Dahuta's Breath
Auramancy: Vicious Implosion

Slow casting:

Occultism: Summon Wraith
Songcraft: Dissonance


Battlerage: Bonebreaker, Terrifying Roar, Frenzy
Defense: Redoubt, Invincibility
Occultism: *Stillness
Witchcraft: Purge, *Courageous Action
Auramancy: *Shrug it off, Liberation, Protective Wings
Archery: *Intensity
Shadowplay: Freerunner

* Fear and Hell Spear are always in AoE combo. Reds always come into us to fear and others cast safely. being immunized from fear and impale is really good to escape when the shit happens.


You know, we play this game to ENJOY and HAVE FUN, rgith??
As a melee user, I didn't want to give up my physical damage for only one reason to fight against mages. Hope you guys get some tips from this and be USEFUL dps in raid. Thank you. B) B)

P.S. Sorry about what you would feel any inconvenience from my bad grammar. Do not hesitate if you have any questions, or there are some grammatical errors


Can i get a kappa?

Val replied to the topic 'LOL Babcock to the Leafs for $50 milion dollar.' in the forum. yesterday

I assume ur talking about hockey one of the worst and most boring sports of all time. :evil:

I could think of a few things I'd like to do for far less than 50 million.


Val created a new topic ' So what kinda chaos..' in the forum. yesterday

Has been going on with the honor exploit punishments ...lotta gear disappearing and accounts being banned ?


ShardMario replied to the topic 'LOL Babcock to the Leafs for $50 milion dollar.' in the forum. yesterday

wow you can buy like.... all the gold with 50m


twpskilla shared a photo. yesterday

Its getting cozy in here....

twpskilla shared a photo. yesterday

Taking a nap with prime....#sniperado#twpskilla#xenexprime

Val created a new topic ' Out of commission in archeage' in the forum. yesterday

Gonna be absent for an unknown time hopefully not longer than a week

Both mine and my wife's pc died in the same week both are in the shop hers needs a new power supply that has to be order so her pc won't be ready till next week.

The issues with my pc is unknown atm the repair shop is supposed to call tomorrow with the problem we think the graphics card burnt up so if it's out itll be 1-2 weeks b4 I get it up and running I'll be able to use wife's pc till mines is fixed when we get hers back sometime next week.

Will know more tomorrow.


Razon created a new topic ' LOL Babcock to the Leafs for $50 milion dollar.' in the forum. 2 days ago

I had a feeling, but still in shock after the news. This gonna be a Interesting time in Toronto next year.


XeNeX added a new event 4 days ago

Officer Meeting

English Officers be online.

  • Monday, 18 May 2015 08:00 PM
  • Teamspeak
Alwin replied to the topic 'Friday' in the forum. 1 week ago

Hoffey, let's not be premature here... is only Thursday.


Hoffey created a new topic ' Friday' in the forum. 1 week ago

back too naked Friday ,I think as a guild we need this :cheer:


Starting Today we are in a Non-Aggression Pact with the Guild Step Down, if they attack you take a screenshot and then kill whoever attacked you and... Show more

We will have the first Raffle for an APEX with points soon guys, keep up the participation! - feeling happy

twpskilla shared a photo. 1 week ago

More people joined, and Aspirin won the dance off!!

twpskilla shared a photo. 1 week ago

Guild swim suit dance party!!!